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Diploma thesis and diploma examination procedure
  1. A diploma thesis is a result of a student’s independent scientific, artistic, and practical research or a technical and artistic achievement. It presents the student’s general knowledge and skills related to their field, level, and profile of study as well as analysis and conclusion skills.

  2. Example topics of diploma theses are presented during diploma seminars and are available on the Faculty’s web page.

  3. Students may propose their own topics and reviewers on condition that the person conducting their diploma seminar and the prospective supervisor give their consent.

  4. Diploma thesis topics should be determined not later than the moment students are registered for the last semester of their studies.

  5. A diploma thesis can be prepared by a team of students, but then detailed tasks must be determined for each of them and particular parts of the thesis must have their distinct authors.

  6. The supervisor of a diploma thesis may work in another institute or faculty. Supervisors may also work with students of other faculties.

  7. The institute in which a given supervisor works issues a diploma thesis card, which is signed by the student's supervisor and the Vice Dean of their faculty.

  8. Such a card must be issued by the end of the first month of the last semester of studies.

  9. The card of the diploma thesis title is not included in the content of the thesis.

  10. Students should determine the schedule of their theses with their supervisors.

  11. Diploma theses are submitted in an electronic form. They are recorded in the information system and automatically reviewed using the Uniform Anti-Plagiarism System (Polish: JSA).

  12. After students record their theses directly into the information system, they must download, print and sign a statement to certify that they have prepared their thesis on their own. Such a statement together with the other relevant documents is submitted with the Dean’s office.

  13. If the result of the JSA system assessment is positive, the supervisor accepts the thesis in the information system accessed by teachers.

  14. If the PRP (Percentage Similarity) rate is exceeded in the JSA system, the student amends their thesis not more than twice in line with their supervisor’s guidelines and records it in the information system again.

  15. If the supervisor has the grounds to determine that the thesis has been plagiarised, they notify the Rector, who initiates an explanatory procedure.

  16. The supervisor may request their student to submit their thesis in print form.

  17. The Dean’s Office determines the date of the diploma examination after the student has submitted all the documents required and after the supervisor has proposed the date as well as the make-up of the commission in the information system accessed by teachers. Supervisors are asked to send information electronically to the Dean’s Office confirming that they have recorded the information.

  18. The request to set the diploma examination date is approved by the relevant Vice Dean for Education at the Faculty of Automatic Control, Robotics, and Electrical Engineering.

  19. Details on which requirements students should fulfil to be able to take their diploma examinations are provided in the regulations concerning studies at Poznan University of Technology.

  20. Diploma examinations are carried out in front of a commission appointed by the Dean and proposed by a supervisor. The Diploma Examination Commission comprises the chair, the supervisor, and the reviewer at a minimum. Diploma examinations are oral. At the consent of the Dean, they may also include a written part.

  21. Students should show for their examinations at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

  22. Taking a diploma examination consists in students defending their diploma theses and answering at least three questions drawn from a set of announced topics. A list of such topics is announced before the diploma semester starts and published on the Faculty’s web page.

  23. Students defend their theses by discussing their key results (preferably during a presentation) and answering questions about their theses asked by the members of the Commission.

  24. After their examinations have ended, students leave the room and wait for the results.

  25. When students pass their examinations, they may later obtain a certificate of graduation in the Dean’s Office.

  26. Graduates collect their diplomas in the Department of Education and Student Matters of Poznan University of Technology after about one month after their graduation. Graduates may check the status of their diplomas at: Information can also be obtained by e-mail:


Location of institutes’ secretariats in the WARiE building, people responsible for diplomas, telephone


Floor, room


Phone number

Institute of Automatic Control and Robotics

IV, room 433

Joanna Gawęcka

61 665 2199

Institute of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics.

VI, room 638

inż. Izabela Kuczora

61 665 2388

Institute of Mathematics

VII, room 750

mgr inż. Hanna Długosz

61 665 2928,
61 665 2320

Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence

I, room 109

mgr Małgorzata Stroińska-Dłużak

61 665 26 24