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Scienctific circles in the field of AUTOMATIC CONTROL AND ROBOTICS
  • CybAiR

Scientific Circle organizing the oldest Robotics Festival in Poland "Cyberbot". In addition, the main area of activity of the club are projects of robots and mechatronic devices, often prepared for participation in competitions at the national and international level. The organized courses on the basics of microcontroller programming, 3D modeling, robot construction and PCB design allow even an amateur to take part in later projects. Members also conduct workshops on robot construction for students and organize open lectures with invited guests. It gathers enthusiasts of robotics not only from its home field, which is why it expands its activities to projects related to bioengineering.

Tutor: mgr inż. Adam Bondyra

Contact: Chairman of circle: Eng. Piotr Bącała piotr.bacala@gmail.comv


  • DecyBel

We are a research circle operating at the Faculty of Automatic Control, Robotics and Electrical Engineering at the Poznań University of Technology. DecyBel was established in 2006 on the initiative of prof. Adam Dąbrowski and the then students of Automation and Management. Today, the direction no longer exists, replaced by Automation and Robotics, but the wheel is doing well.

Our projects relate to signal processing in various versions. Ideas related to digital image and sound processing can be realized within 4 sections of DecyBela.

The official website of the circle: