The employees of the Institute have professional knowledge and extensive experience in the field of technical sciences, supported by many completed scientific and implementation projects. This allows solving non-trivial problems in the field of modeling, estimation and broadly understood robotics, design and analysis of control processes, diagnostics, signal processing and perception.

The currently conducted research, which has a high potential for implementation, concerns:


List of research projects 


  • Project number: 2017/26/D/ST7/00092

Project subject: Study of adaptive control for electroactive polymers

Type: NCN, Sonata 13

Duration: 2018-04-20 - 2021-10-19

Short synopsis:


Equipment grants:

  • 2019-2021: Modular dynamic optical observation system, MDSO2
  • 2017-2018: SkyLab Observation System
  • 2015: Otos-Robotic – a robotic system that uses spatial location
  • 2012: AttaRo – a modular, multi-task, robotic system for precise teleoperation tasks using KUKA Lightweight robots and the Omega 7 console



The mission of the Institute of Automatic Control and Robotics is to conduct research in the field of control, robotics and signal processing, and to offer a didactic program that is largely inspired by this research. The main research topics in the Unit include: