The employees of the Institute have professional knowledge and extensive experience in the field of technical sciences, supported by many completed scientific and implementation projects. This allows solving non-trivial problems in the field of modeling, estimation and broadly understood robotics, design and analysis of control processes, diagnostics, signal processing and perception.

The currently conducted research, which has a high potential for implementation, concerns:

  • mobile robotics and automation of transport systems
  • optical and SST area observation systems
  • designing new actuators for soft robotics
  • the use of vision systems and signal processing algorithms


Specialized research equipment:

  • SkyLab – an autonomous astronomical observatory with the following equipment
    • robotic alt-azimuth assembly
    • a telescope with a mirror diameter of 0.5 m with a fast CMOS camera
    • specialized astronomical and satellite tracking software






  • Optitrack visual spatial location system
    • two stationary systems (8×PRIME17W, 6×PRIME41) and one mobile system (8×PRIME13W)
    • applications: mobile robotics, manipulative robotics, medicine, gait analysis, etc.





  • Industrial and research manipulators
    • industrial robots: KUKA KR6 R900, Fanuc LRMate 200iD/7L, Staubli TX60
    • susceptible robots: KUKA LWR 4+
    • haptic interfaces: Omega 7






  • Anechoic chamber and advanced multimedia equipment
    • 3 listening boothse
    • B&K omnidirectional source
    • sound and vibration analyzer Svan 912
    • Brüel & Kjær (B&K) 4128-C Head and Torso Simulator (HATS)
    • the X-48 TASCAM multi-channel audio recorder
    • TDT System 3 sound procesor


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